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Effective use of different presentation tools

See separate page.

Asking for feedback after a talk

What thing did I do that was most helpful to you? What thing could I have done to help you more?

Keeping track of talks submitted and delivered

I have various things that I do:

  • I have a public-facing web page which lists upcoming and previous talks - v simple to keep updated, means that I can just share it with people who want to know more, and also means I can keep track of what I've talked about, when and where. I frequently refer to it, it's really useful: The page also contains links to event websites and any videos released after the event, which is also useful.
  • I have a folder in the cloud with sub-folders for all events, and for each event I keep things like: A copy of my submission for that event, a copy of my notes, a copy of any presentation I've created. It's particularly useful to keep a copy of submissions in a central place, as a lot of them are submitted via webforms which are not easy to return to - worth the minor overhead of copying text from a webform into a doc - particularly as I often reuse submissions for multiple events
  • I have a Trello board with ideas for new talks
  • I have a spreadsheet listing events I have submitted to and am considering submitting to, with info like whether they pay travel and expenses, when the submission deadline is, etc
  • What I don't have is anything indexed by talk title - my folder structure effectively indexes by event - but that's fine because I tend to tweak each talk for each event so it means I have a snapshot of what the talk looked like when I delivered it for that event. Also I can just scan / search my web page listing talks.