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I write notes constantly, but up to now I haven’t come up with a consistent way of making those notes sharable and discoverable.

The hope is that any sharable notes that I write can come straight here, where they’ll be easily organised and discoverable - primarily for my own use, but also for others when relevant.

This is not a blog, and not a comprehensive or well-designed wiki. It really is just my notes, which means it will be very sketchy and I make no apologies for that. But there will hopefully be some useful nuggets in here, both for me and the world at large (or some very small pocket of it).

Some of the content is (at the time of writing) listed over on the right, and the search input (top right) gives access to a full text search across all content. My favourite way of browsing what’s here is via the leafless site map, which is a tree view of all the folders (but not the pages). If you want to see a tree view of every single page, go for the full site map - but it’s harder to navigate because of the volume of content. One day maybe I’ll implement some kind of concertina or collapsible tree view, but it’s not a priority at the time of writing.

I’m slowly uploading content from various sources, and many of the pages and folders will be a bit thin until that process is complete. Well, ok. It will never be complete, and this will never be anywhere close to everything I know. But most of what I know is pretty useless, so… [shrug].

The site is based on a template built by the peops at Ably, which I discovered via this blog post. It’s using Jekyll, Sinatra and Auth0 (in theory - although I don’t currently have that turned on) - and it’s deployed using Heroku. I’ve documented the actual building of the site here, and the (open source at the time of writing) GitHub repo is here.

My name is surprisingly hard to spell. It’s actually Clare Sudbery: There’s no I in Clare, and my surname ends ERY - like surgery or carvery). Here are some ways NOT to spell my name, in a vague attempt to make this site more discoverable: Claire Sudbery, Claire Sudbury, Clare Sudbury, Clare Sudberry, Claire Sudberry.


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