Google Slides - Remote Presenting

To get a good experience while remote-presenting a talk using Google Slides:

  1. In the slides: View | Present (Ctrl + F5)
  2. Hover near the bottom of your screen so the toolbar becomes visible. Click notes. This will bring up a second screen containing your notes and a previous of the next slide.
  3. Move the notes window onto the screen that has your webcam, so that you can look at the audience and look at your notes simultaneously.
  4. Move the window that contains your video software onto the same screen as your slide notes. Click the Gallery view or equivalent - so that you can see the audience. If that's not possible, make the chat or Q&A section visible. The best bet is to have both audience AND chat visible at once.
  5. Tile the slide notes and the video software so that you can see them side by side.
  6. Go to the window that contains your actual google slides (ie NOT the notes). Hover near the bottom to bring up the toolbar, and click the broken square symbol that signifies full-screen mode. This will get rid of the browser bar at the top.
  7. Using share screen in your video software, share the whole screen that contains your slides. Now your audience will see the full screen slides, but you will see the notes. Et voila!