See also Agile Techniques and Workshop Techniques.

Platforms are Products

Notes from Tito's Made Tech talk August 2020 (see also screenshots below):

  • if one team has no interface with user, turn them into platform as product where other teams are their users
  • give them physical boxes and pens and ask them to decorate them as though it was a product
  • give the users a choice - they don't have to use the platform
  • GovPaaS are a great example of a team creating platform as a product


Think Big, Start Small

Notes from Tito's Made Tech talk August 2020:

  • Think big by starting small. What's the tiniest thing I could do today to make a difference?
  • people have a tendency to plan massive overhauls
  • this can mean you have a giant budget
  • but don't start with the giant goal
  • eg overall goal is to decrese case load by 75%
  • start by decreasing it by 5%, or 1%, or by just one case
    • set that as your first goal
  • your plan is wrong, and you want to learn how it is wrong as early as possible
  • small posoitive effects compound, they aren't linear
  • don't underestimate the effect of experiencing victory
  • maintain the big vision while experiencing the small victories towards that big goal.