(Main Javascript directory is here)

GitHub Repos

Sadly by necessity some of my repos are private. Those that are private are clearly marked. For those that are, please don’t ask me to share the code, because I can’t. They’re listed here purely for my reference.

General Javascript Stuff

  • External hard disk has stuff from previous projects in F:\2014_OldHardDisk\Git
  • msFill - HTML javascript thing?: Dropbox\IT Training\JS Stuff\canvasfill.html
  • Javascript examples from Helix: Dropbox\IT Training\JS Stuff\Javascript examples.js
  • JS Dictionary: Learnt at WebApps?: Dropbox\IT Training\JS Stuff\JSDictionary
  • JS stuff from Weeble: Dropbox\IT Training\JS Stuff\MvcApplication1.zip
  • JS tests from Helix: Dropbox\IT Training\JS Stuff\Sample Code\JS Tests
  • Ext JS stuff: Dropbox\IT Training\JS Stuff\SampleExtJSApp.zip
  • More sample javascript from Helix: Dropbox\IT Training\JS Stuff\SampleJavaScript.js
  • Helix general JS stuff: Helix folder in contracting folder in ClareWorking email
  • That funny article about javascript frameworks and libraries
  • Quickly create sandboxes for react/vue/angular etc - eg Type http://react.new in the address bar of your browser, and it will open @codesandbox with a new React project.
  • Some useful stuff about the spread function, currying, and javascript fundamentals are here (accessible to Clare only)
  • Use jsfiddle code playground to write test Javascript in the browser.
  • Play with css animation using Javascript expressions with tixy.land

Elsewhere on this site

Use Javascript in Chrome Bookmarks

Enter Number in input: Put this js into the url field in a Chrome bookmark:

(javascript:(function(){var firstInput = $('form').find('input[type=text],input[type=password],input[type=radio],input[type=checkbox],textarea,select').filter(':visible:first'); if (firstInput != null) { firstInput.val('99999');}})()))