Swift & XCode

See separate page - there is bound to be other iOS development stuff in there too.

Creating icons

  • If you get an “invalid binary” error when trying to deploy, this might be because you haven’t created assets / icons yet.
  • SquareFillXCode (accessibile to Clare only) has icons for all contexts in SquareFillXCode\Assets.xcassets\
  • You can use Icon Set Creator to create icons.
    • Upload a 1024x1024 version of your icon
    • Select target (eg iOS)
    • Click Go and select a location
    • It will create a folder containing an appropriate set of icons for you
  • I think this page is kept up to date with current icon guidelines
  • On 27/9/21 it states the following:
Device or context Icon size
iPhone 60x60 pt (180x180 px @3x)
  60x60 pt (120x120 px @2x)
iPad Pro 83.5x83.5 pt (167x167 px @2x)
iPad, iPad mini 76x76 pt (152x152 px @2x)
App Store 1024x1024 pt (1024x1024 px @1x)