Hip Openers

I’ve had problems with my hips for a while, almost certainly because I spend so much time sitting at a desk. But lockdown is worse, because I’m moving around even less than normal.

  • Yoga video of suggested hip openers, for people who spend all day sitting down.
  • Here’s my attempt to describe them in words I’ll understand (so I don’t have to watch a video every time):
    • Wide-legged child, same as child but with knees apart, hips sitting on heels
      • or lie on back, holding knees apart and pulling up to chest
    • Low lunge, knee over ankle, back knee on ground
      • or half happy baby lying on back
    • Lizard, like low lunge but with foot on outer edge of hand
      • you can roll the front leg outwards if you like - make sure to flex at ankle and rotate hip, knee and ankle all in same direction
    • Pigeon lunge on the ground
      • or the gentler alternative, lying on your back and doing eye of the needle
    • Warrior 2 pose (front foot facing forward, back foot parallel to back of mat, head facing over front foot, arms out, gaze wide, front hip knee and ankle aligned, squeeze into the mid line) hip yoga