What is this page all about?

There are certain questions that I often find myself asking, but someow never remember the answers. The problem I've always had whenever I rediscover those answers is... where can I make a note of this so that I'll know where to come the next time I forget? This page attempots to solve that problem.

What's that birdsong that I hear every springtime - alternating notes in a minor third?

It's a great tit. - My recording here - On Youtube

What's that funny article about javascript frameworks and libraries?

It's this one by @jjperezaguinaga.

What's that band from Dublin called?

Fontaines DC

Where is our cyberdojo?

Cyber-Dojo Clare Sal pairing Python Fizzbuzz: UDR21P, See Dropbox\Events\ClareSalPairing Cyberdojo coderdojo

Exploit of a mom / SQL Mom / Little Bobby Drop Tables (xkcd comic)

SQL Mom From here

What do dock leaves look like?

They sometimes have green/brown flowers that grow straight up vertically on stalks




What's that term that gets used in relation to TDD and which people often remark on the lack of, when interviewing candidates and pairing with them?

Answer: Sliming (verb: to slime).

What's the name of the US city famous for Mardi Gras, that was tragically affected by Hurricane Katrina?

It's New Orleans. This won't make much sense to anyone else, but because it has a three-letter prefix to its name, I routinely get it confused with Los Angeles and Las Vegas, even though they have very little else in common.

What does taxonomy mean?


Who's that woman that has that website with that funny thing about appearing smart in meetings?

Sarah Cooper: 10 tricks for appearing smart during meetings.


When was Maisie born?


What's that thing that isn't endoscopy or colonoscopy?

Sigmoidoscopy (like a colonoscopy but camera only looks at only the lower part of the colon.

Where's that lost thing I can't find?

Try inhere, or finding-things.md in clare-tech