Tito's Trello approach for remote collaboration

  • In a shared Trello board, which everyone accesses individually on laptops, two columns:
    • "Top successes"
    • "Something I wish I was getting"
  • Everyone is allowed to add 2 cards (no more) to each column - this number can be tweaked according to number of participants
  • People should add their faces to their own cards
    • (top tip! hover over a card and press spacebar to add your face)
  • Everyone has as many votes as they like
    • Vote by adding your face to the card
    • For successes, vote for what you'd like to hear more about
    • For wish lists, vote for what you have something to contribute on
  • Order the cards in the order of those with the most votes
  • Discuss cards
    • Alternate between successes and wish list items
    • Start at the top (ie those with most votes)
    • Keep going until you are out of time
    • You can set a time limit for each card if you like

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