DevBreak 2021 - in castle / chateau in France.

Ron Garan, The Orbital Perspective

  • Apollo 8, 1968

Building Brain-Computer Interfaces

See separate Timeflux page.

There and back again - a Web tale: Chris lilley

  • Nothing has really changed
  • WebAssembly is same thing as java in the browser

Cate huston, the culture of process

  • Different team members
    • questioner, will question expectations and only meet those that fit
    • Obliger, will meet all expectations and worry about it
    • Upholders -??
    • Rebels - rebel against everything
  • Process can be about
    • Process as Agreement
    • Process as A way to answer questions
    • Process as Culture
  • Things you can do to improve team effectiveness
    • Have a daily standup
      • Find out how people are doing
      • Help them when they need help
      • People with high intrinsic motivation and high self esteem might not see the need, but if you highlight the benefit for the team rather than the individual, they can see the point
    • Scale hiring
      • Reduce unnecessary process
      • Get everyone involved - spread the workload
      • Make the work visible and valued
      • Review constantly
      • Appreciate people for their work (little gifts and hand written thank you cards)
      • Invest in it - eg training
    • Experiment on each other
      • To stop people from being defensive and resistant to change
      • Track the experiments, review them, iterate on them
      • Ask each new hire to conduct an experiment on the next new hire to see how things can be improved
      • Now the whole team sees onboarding as a collective responsibility
    • Focus on outcomes
      • What is the desired endpoint, what are the challenges, what do we expect from one another
      • Don’t create process for process’ sake
  • Engineers talk about hating process
    • But secretly they love it
    • But when they love it they call it culture
    • Define interfaces
    • Explain value