Keynote - 20 Years is Enough! It’s Time to Update the Agile Principles and Values - Steve McConnell - Construx


An Identity Crisis Averted - Ferzeen Anis

Workshops to agree working practices:

diagram diagram

From Collaboration to Solitude and Back: Experiences with Remote Pair Programming during COVID-19 - Darja Smite - Blekinge Institute of Technology

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One Year of Remote Mob Programming - Jonathan Turner - Emmersion

  • The slides
    • also available at tinyurl.com/remote-mob-programming
  • Command line tool
    • “mob”
    • Switches you to the mobbing branch and pulls all the latest changes
    • Use command mod done when done - squashes all changes to a single commit and leaves them staged to master branch
  • Remote mob timer

Prioritizing user stories remotely - a framework to help an agile team - Priscila Alcântara

  1. Define and align the objectives
    • How and when do we see first version delivered
    • how and when do we see the users getting something that will delight them
  2. Quadrants with axes for bueinss value and speed of delivery
  3. How much can we deliver?
    • Use waves - wave 1, 2 and 3 (like phases?) Now it becomes easy - include sponsor in team’s process

A Lighting Study in how Agile helps unlock Innovation through Experimentation - Patrick Lamasney - Enbridge + Ovais Rehman - Enbridge

6 Must-Haves for Maximizing Virtual Dojo Engagement - Jess Brock - Agility in Mind

Hands-on workshop with Design Studio let’s you create a collaborative and iterative user interface for a complex problem in less than 60!