Norman, from The Kominsky Method

His wife has just died, he is trying find some meaning in life.

Sandy: “Are you thinking of getting religion?” Norman: “I’ve considered it. I like traditions, ancient languages, ritual.” Sandy: “But?” Norman: “The whole God thing puts me off.”

Other quotes

  • Against measurement: “You don’t fatten a pig by weighing it”

Phrases I’m pleased with

  • “Have less, be more”
    • Came out of a dream!
  • “One day it will be forty years from now, and I will be very old, and I will have forgotten all about today. And the only thing between now and then is me here now, and me here now, and me here now again.”
    • I just like it. It expresses a concept I’ve been thinking about since I was small.

Family quotes

  • My uncle Vince to my cousin Matty (or Ben?), “For one in your short life, you are going to behave!” and my cousin said, “it’s not so short as yours, you’ve already had half of it!”
  • When my sister was a small child, my mother said “Behave!” and my sister said, “I am being have!” (pronounced to rhyme with “rave”)