Gilded Rose: Getting Started With Approval Tests in C#

  • There are two ways to run approval tests. The simplest is to use the nuget ApprovalTests package, as in ApprovalTest.cs.
    • You need an approved file - ApprovalTest.UpdateQuality.approved.txt - this file has been added to the csharp-liftup-start branch of Gilded Rose.
    • You might need to install the ApprovalTests nuget package: Tools => NuGet Package Manager => Manage Nuget packages for solution
    • You can use the Resharper test runner or the built-in Visual Studio test runner to run tests:
      • Resharper test runner:
        • Click the blobs in the gutter on line 13 of ApprovalTest.cs, where the ApprovalTest class is defined
        • …or Extensions => Resharper => Unit tests => unit test sessions
      • Built in VS test runner:
        • Test => Test explorer
  • The alternative way to run tests is to use the texttest utility

Gilded Rose: Working in Visual Studio

  • Enterprise version of VS has Live Unit Testing - green button on right in test explorer (see image below) - equivalent to NCrunch


  • You can do a lot of what Resharper provides just using VS default functionality
    • People without Resharper might need to change target version of project from AnyCPu to x86 (see image below)
    • You can’t inline when using VS functionality
      • you only can if it’s a one-liner
      • there’s a big debate about this online apparently!
    • another one missing from VS is “remove braces”