Moving a card

  • Change status, bottom right

Closing or starting an iteration

  • (NB I found these orphaned notes with no context, so I can’t swear they relate to Mingle, but I think they probably do)]
  • First, add a new iteration:
    • Add Card, then select Iteration, top left
  • Closing / starting an iteration
  • kanban board
  • select iterations
  • filters on right
  • select Status - Is Not - Done
  • Top right - click List
  • Select all
  • click Edit properties
  • where it says “Iteration xx” - select a new iteration (you need to have created the new iteration)
  • Back in the filters,
  • select iteration is (previous iteration number)
  • select status - is - done
  • click edit properties again to check everything in correct iterations
  • Select iteration finished - select iteration number