Add your own music files to your iphone

Method 1: Airdrop from Macbook (much easier!)

  • Right-click the file in Finder
  • Select Share => Airdrop
  • Wait a minute for it to find your phone
  • Click phone
  • Select the app you want to open it with

Method 2: iTunes from Windows

  • Open iTunes on your laptop.
  • Attach your phone to your laptop using USB / lightning cable.
  • Click “Allow device” on your iphone
  • Wait a minute
  • Click “Trust” on device and enter passcode
  • Click “Continue” on laptop
  • Click the tiny iphone icon near the top of the screen towards the left
  • To add to file system
    • Select File Sharing on the left
    • Select the app you want in the list of apps
    • (Warning - the scrolling doesn’t work well - there will be more apps in the list than you think)
    • Scroll down to the bottom
    • Click Add file (bottom right) and select your file
    • (if you’re copying from phone to laptop, select file first and then click Save)
  • To add to actual itunes
    • Edit => Preferences => Import Settings => Import usiong mp3 encoder (+ select desired quality)
    • File => Add file to library
    • Select music on the left
    • click sync music