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Refresh your cache

Searching Bookmarks and History

  • Add Bookmarks and History as separate “search engines”
    • Settings Manage Search Engines Add Search Engine
    • Give them a single-letter keyword each
    • Bookmarks: chrome://bookmarks/?#q=%s
    • History: chrome://history/?#q=%s
  • Now you can access those from the omnibox
    • The omnibox is the browser search bar
    • On Windows: Ctrl + L
    • On Mac: Cmd(splat) + L
    • Then enter the keyword (configured abnove - I’m using b for bookmarks and h for history) and hit Tab
    • Note that on Mac Catalina I’m finding that any search term you enter directly will get crappy results, so I just enter a random character and then tab inyo the actual search text box

Gmail / Google Calendar


  • To avoid playing whackamole with the infuriating toolbar at the bottom…
    • To mute/unmute yourself: Cmd + D (Ctrl + D in Windows)
    • To toggle video: Cmd + E (Ctrl + E in Windows)


Useful Slack shortcuts

  • More here
  • Cmd k [channel name or person name] to open new channel or direct conversation – eg Cmd + k + nagiosdeploy
    • Ctrl + K on Windows
  • Cmd + Shift + \ - emoji reactions to someone’s post
  • :[emoji name] – emojis embedded in posts
  • `[code]` (ie text encased by back ticks) - code
  • Cmd + [ - go back to last channel / DM visited
  • Cmd + ] - go forward again
    • On Windows: Alt + <- or ->
  • Cmd + Shift + T: Open the threads view
  • Cmd + Shift + M: Show “activity” / mentions - ie times when you’ve been @ed (also accessed via @ symbol top right)

Searching slack

  • If you want to search for a term in a particular channel: in the search box (top right):

    • Like this: roadmap in:observability-priv

    • Actually it’s this: roadmap in:#observability-priv

    • …but the hash symbol gets inserted for you if you forget it.

Scheduling Slack Messages

  • I seem to have installed this, but I think it’s a free trial that only lasts 7 days?
  • This looks worth looking at.

Other Slack Stuff

  • See here (Clare only) (try searching for ?learn)

Emoticons in the browser

  • Google docs / Google products only?
  • Ctrl + cmd + space to embed emojis
  • NB: In google sheets you have to be in the formula input for it to work.


Voting functionality

  • To add voting functionality to Trello, click the menu top right, then select powerups and search for the Voting powerup to add it.
  • Once it’s added you can vote on Trello cards by hovering over and pressing on the keyboard, or opening up the card and finding the Vote button on the right.
  • You can then order cards in a column by how many votes they have, by clicking the three dots at the top right of the column and selecting “Sort by…” then “votes”.

Other quick shortcuts

  • Copying / pasting cards between boards: Simply hover over a card and use Ctrl + C / Cmd + C, then go to the destination board and use Ctrl + V / Cmd + V.
  • Adding your name to a card: Hover over it and press the spacebar (doesn’t work if the new card bit at the bottom has focus).