Discovering What’s Been Played Recently

Some things I have learnt about this:

  1. If it’s 6Music you’re after, you don’t need to do any of the stuff below. You can just this fabulous Spotify playlist made by @ohrenweide, which is updated live from whatever’s playing on 6Music.
  2. You have to press Play in the BBC Sounds app, even if you don’t want to hear the music.
    • (I rarely do want to actually hear it, because I’m generally listening already on Sonos, and I’m only using the app to find out what’s currently playing). But if you don’t click Play it won’t show you what’s currently playing.
  3. I don’t think the app shows you previous tracks - only what’s currently playing.
  4. But you get better results from the website using this link (which I now have pinned on my phone home screen):
    • Watch out for capitalisation! If you type 6Music and not 6music into your browser, you’ll get nowhere. That confused me for a while.
  5. When you go there, if you click through to the current show, then scroll down, you’ll see a section called “Music Played”.
  6. Sadly (and this still makes me very sad) you can’t add songs to your Spotify playlist from here.
    • You can only add the song being CURRENTLY played - not any previously-played songs. So if you’re in the loo or somehow busy in some other way, or you don’t get to the website in time, you’re fvcked.