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RODE mic (RODE Podcaster)

I had some trouble setting it up. Message sent via support form on RODE website 18/10/22 (giving them SSE gmail address):

I have a new RODE podcaster mic. I am using it with Windows 10, attached via USB cable. I am not using the headphone jack on the mic. I have a separate pair of headphones also attached to my laptop via USB. But by default, every time I join a video call, my computer is selecting the RODE mic as both microphone (input) AND headphones (output). This is my second RODE mic. It is a replacement for another mic which was exactly the same product. This didn’t happen with the previous mic. I feel like there must be some button I can press or setting I can change to stop this happening, as this didn’t happen with the previous mic. Can you help? (see below for response)

Notes from me:

  • Maybe it only happens when my headphones are disconnected?
  • Maybe some USB inputs on my laptop are treated as input as well as output?
  • I checked the device manager - under sound - then right-click RODE and choose properties - and there was an event with a “device not migrated” error. I started following advice in this article
    • started by trying mic in a different USB port
    • got as far as deleting the driver and reinstalling via restarting laptop, but got same error.
    • also tried disabling in device manager and re-enabling
    • Haven’t yet tried installing driver via compatibility mode.

Response from them:

  • “I would suggest to make sure your USB headphones are set as default playback and communication in your Windows sound settings.”
  • I went into sound settings and clicked “Manage sound devices” then clicked through to each device. I didn’t see a default option, but you can enable or disable each device, so I did that.