Recording vocals / guitar using our PA

  • turn on PA
  • use the red gismo (Behringer u-control) with two phono cables (inputs) and one USB (output)
  • plug the phono cables into the PA recording output, top right, “l+r rec o/p”
  • turn the volume up
  • turn up power amp output level (lower right)
  • fiddle with the volume on the red gismo
  • plug headphones into red gismo - for some reason it won’t work without this??
  • Logic will detect that you’ve plugged the USB gadget in and will automatically set the input for you. You may find that it sets it as output too though, in which case you’ll get feedback. The quickest way to fix that is by muting the track that’s recording.
  • If you want to record input from another laptop that has mini-jack output instead of USB, use the red gismo again but this time attach a cable that has phono on one end and stereo mini-jack on the other - with the stereo mini-jack going into the laptop and the phono ends going into the red gismo as before. I have a phono=>mini-jack cable attaching my laptop to a little black gismo that’s connected up to the small laptop amp in my study.

Recording snippets from external sources

See here.