Clare singing

  • Here is a rough playlist. I don’t have any decent recordings because I am a rank amateur! So the quality is patchy to say the least.
  • The songs on the playlist are:
    • Molly the Bandit - written by me, accompanied on the hoof (they’d never even seen the music before) by a fantastic band called Geriatric Jazz.
    • Summertime - @AllyFogg (my husband) on guitar, recorded on a phone in our garden.
    • That ole Devil Called Love (Billie Holiday / Alison Moyet) - me on piano, recorded on phone.
    • Fever (a la Peggy Lee (ish)) - Ally on guitar + we made our own backing track, using very basic technology. We decided the genre was “techno blues”.
    • Summertime again - this time not soloing, just singing with a gospel choir. Recorded in a church, on phone, but lovely natural reverb from the building.
    • How I Got Over (Mahalia Jackson / Aretha Franklin) - backed by gospel choir. Recorded in church. No mic, so my voice is a bit strained in the second half when the backing singers pick up.
    • Mamma Mia (Abba) - Ally on guitar. An experimental slow version. Trying to pull each other back from the beat, which means we struggled to sync up. Recorded on phone.
    • For You (Eric Bibb) - Ally on guitar. Recorded at our wedding (so you get to see my amazing wedding dress - this is the only one with actual video footage). I was kind of distracted with, you know, getting married… so I don’t think I did a brilliant job, but the context makes it moving.

Chitty chitty bang bang Doll on a music box duet

Doll on a music box

What do you see You people gazing at me You see a doll on a music box That’s wound by a key How can you tell I’m under a spell I’m waiting for love’s first kiss You cannot see How much I long to be free Turning around on this music box That’s wound by a key Yearning Yearning While I’m turning around and around

Truly scrumptious

Truly Scrumptious You’re truly truly scrumptious Scrumptious as a cherry peach parfait When your near us It’s so delicious Honest Truly, you’re the answer to my wishes Truly Scrumptious Though it may seem presumptuous Never, never, ever go away My heart beats so unruly Because I love you truly Honest Truly, I do