GitHub Repos

Sadly by necessity some of my repos are private. Those that are private are clearly marked. For those that are, please don’t ask me to share the code, because I can’t. They’re listed here purely for my reference.

  • getting-started-with-tdd-in-react
  • MenopauseTracker-javascript
  • react-big-calendar
    • I found this on my hard disk after I cloned it from elsewhere. When I tried to create a new repo for it I just got a ton of security warnings because all the dependencies were out of date, so I got rid of my copy. This version is the source version, at intljusticemission.
    • It was used by another project - MenopauseTracker, I think.
  • Samba (PRIVATE)
    • See sub-folders son, sig and vis**

Docs and Blog Posts


  • Reagent is a library – a Clojurescript wrapper around react js. See Clojure notes


create-react-app - Intro

create-react-app - Troubleshooting getting started

Troubleshooting node version

  • I had node v 13 which didn’t work (The engine "node" is incompatible with this module. Expected version "^10 or ^12 or >=14". Got "13.10.1") so I upgraded node, but it took a bit of doing to get it right.

Troubleshooting getting started with a project not created on your machine

  • If you’re getting errors about create-script not existing, this probably means you don’t have a node_modules folder yet.
  • This means you haven’t installed your packages yet.
  • If your project is using yarn (there’ll be a yarn.lock file in the root folder), you need to run the yarn command.
  • If your project is using npm (there won’t be a yarn.lock file in the root folder, but there will be packages-lock.json), you need to run the npm install command.

Troubleshooting yarn vs npm

  • I was experimenting with developing the same project on two different machines (a Windows machine and a Macbook, as it happens, but that wasn’t actually relevant to this problem) and I came up against a conflict between npm and yarn.
    • On my macbook I had yarn installed. This was apparently detected by create-react-app and the project was built to work with yarn. When I pulled the code onto my Windows machine - where I didn’t have yarn installed - I couldn’t run the code because yarn start didn’t work (it was configured to run using npm start instead).
    • The solution was to install yarn on my Windows machine (where I was running the project in GitBash) using npm install -g yarn, and then migrate the project from npm to yarn. Full instructions here.
      • You can see the resulting commit here.
    • See package management notes on my node page for further info on yarn and npm.

create-react-app - Scratchpad

npx create-react-app create-react-app-playground --template typescript