GitHub Repos

Sadly by necessity some of my repos are private. Those that are private are clearly marked. For those that are, please don't ask me to share the code, because I can't. They're listed here purely for my reference.

  • getting-started-with-tdd-in-react
  • MenopauseTracker-javascript
  • react-big-calendar
    • I found this on my hard disk after I cloned it from elsewhere. When I tried to create a new repo for it I just got a ton of security warnings because all the dependencies were out of date, so I got rid of my copy. This version is the source version, at intljusticemission.
    • It was used by another project - MenopauseTracker, I think.
  • Samba (PRIVATE)
    • See sub-folders son*, sig* and vis**

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