• Keyboard shortcut cheat sheet: http://donovanbrown.com/post/visual-studio-code-keyboard-shortcut-cheat-sheet

    • (it’s for Windows so replace Ctrl with Cmd)
  • Ctrl + p / Cmd + P search for a file name (and also commands and other stuff I think)

  • Cmd + Shift + F - Find in files

  • Cmd + o - open a file (but it has to be recently opened or already open?)

  • Cmd + shift + o - search for a symbol

  • Select vertical column of text:

    • Place the cursor where you want it
    • hold down Shift + Alt , then click and drag with the mouse


  • If you want to debug code in VS Code, you need a launch.json file.
  • Click the Play button over on the left, and you’ll see text saying something like “To customize Run and Debug create a launch.json file”. If you click the link, it will create one for you.
  • You might then want to add new configurations for new languages (eg Ruby) - to do that, click the link under “Show all automatic debug configurations” and then click “Add configuration”.
  • If you’re configuring debugging for Ruby, there are some extra instructions here, under the link to Debugging Ruby with breakpoints