Data Sources

  • To see the data source used for a graph:

    • Click on the graph title

    • Click Edit

    • On the Metrics tab you’ll see data source at the top

    • For “default” data source see below

  • To see the config for all the data sources:

    • Login to grafana - use the “Sign in” button bottom left - you won’t be logged in by default - use LDAP ( in Dashlane)

    • Once you’re logged in, the configuration cog appears on the left. Select data sources - you can see all the data sources configured

  • Disabling data sources:

    • Follow instructions above for seeing config

    • You can’t actually disable them, just change the url on a data source to one that doesn’t exist

  • “default” data source

    • Is the graphiterenderers

    • …which is all the data on served through a standalone web rendering layer that is backed by memcached with a ttl of 1m

      • ( goes to,
    • we put it up to deal with dashboards performance

    • but we suspect it may not be necessary anymore

Creating a new graph

  • Select the window icon top left, select new dashboard on the right

  • Click on the title of the new graph and select Edit

  • Select a data source

  • Next to Series, click select metric

  • Now you’ll get a series of nested things you can select, eg data source of Ganglia and then ny*|rrds|Logstash|logstash*|disk_free|sum

    • As yu select each thing, another “select metric” thing appears to the right