AWS Misc

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AWS Getting Started

Setting yourself up on first use:

  • Select region (often EU (Ireland)) from top right
  • On your first time in, you need to set up multi factor authentication:
    • Click Services, top left
    • Select IAM (in the group headed Security, Identity and Compliance)
    • Select Users on the left
    • Click on your name
    • Select Security Credentials
    • Click the pencil icon next to Assigned MFA Device
    • Select “virtual” if you want to use an authenticator app on your phone
    • Install Google Authenticator on your phone, and scan the VR code
    • After setting this up, sign out and sign in again

AWS Navigation

General navigation:

  • Select region (often EU (Ireland)) from top right
  • To get at useful stuff:
    • Click Services, top left
    • Then you can select Cloudwatch, Elastic Beanstalk etc

AWS Logging using Cloudwatch