• check out - the entry/modest tiers would give great performance on Rocket League, Fortnite, League of Legends etc. The CoD games maybe only on lower settings (Steve L)
  • you can probably do less than a 2060 … i think a 970ti was fine for witcher3 … i was probably in the res up from 1080p also (John N)
    • My note: These numbers all represent screen resolution
    • If you play a game at a lower screen resolution then you will get a better FPS (which is Frames Per Second), and therefore a smoother visual animation experience (see examples here).
    • More on resolution (it seems that 1080p is ample for now):
  • you can use a cheap as shit case if you want … then you can start trimming specs. That pc had 16gb … you could start with 8 see how it is … just 1 8gig stick and plan to buy another if its bad. shopa bout for value motherboards etc. (John N)
  • i would up the ssd to 0.5tb and make sure all games are installed on that any other crap can go on the hdd (including windows imo) (+£60)
  • thats not going to play your AAA games or be super sexy, but if you turn detail down on everything its probably goign to be very playable
  • That logical increments site is cool and the builds seem reasonable. I second Steve’s recommendation that the modest tier would be easily capable of a great experience in the listed titles at 1080p. Decent upgrade path too.
  • checklist for when it won’t start:
  • Monitor: You need FreeSync for an AMD graphics card (eg Radeon) and G-Sync for an Nvidia card.

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