(Main .Net Core directory is here)

GitHub Repos

Sadly by necessity some of my repos are private. Those that are private are clearly marked. For those that are, please don’t ask me to share the code, because I can’t. They’re listed here purely for my reference.

Docs and Blog Posts

  • InSimpleTerms: Check the C# label (there are quite a few blog posts, but they’re pretty much copies of what’s in the word doc beow)
  • My notes: 
    • in Events / Samba / Workshops / DotNetCore
    • DotNetCoreMVC.docx 
      • !!! If you’re wondering where on earth all my useful DotNetCore notes have gone, this is where they are!
      • At the time of writing (March 20222), I haven’t got round to migrating them into clare-wiki
    • DotNetCoreMVC.pptx