Gov PaaS Cloud Foundry Access


Cloud Foundry is an open source container-based architecture that runs apps in any programming language. Gov PaaS is a UK government digital service, which can be accessed via the Cloud Foundry (cf) utility:

More info:

Pre Requisties:

  • In order to connect, a user needs a Gov PaaS account..
  • cf utility needs to be installed following the instructions at
  • If using cloud foundry to access psql, you must have PostgreSQL installed locally; with access on the $PATH/%PATH% to the psql command line utility.

Note - when instantiating cf login for the first  time, you may have to provide the -a parameter with


  1. Install the “cf” utility:

  2. Install the “conduit” extention 

cf install-plugin conduit

Note, a recent upgrade by Gov PaaS means you might need to upgrade to existing conduit plugin:

cf install-plugin -r CF-Community “conduit”

  1. Tunnel into the server

cf conduit [DB_Service_Name]  – psql

Note - by logging in using “cf conduit” passing “psql”, you are effectively logging in as the postgres identity user account