• Google Sheets


  • To sort by single column:
    • Select the column
    • Select Data => Sort sheet by column
  • To sort by multiple columns:
    • Select ALL columns unless you want only some columns to be sorted (see explanation below)
    • Select Data => Sort the range
    • You can now select the cols you want to sort by and the order you want them sorted in
  • Why you select all columns:
    • If you don’t, only the cols you select will be sorted, and the others will remain unsorted
    • So for instance if you only selected and sorted on the second (“Page name”) column, this:
Index Page name Link
1 The page 1 http://Link-page-1
2 This page 2 http://Link-page-2
3 My page 3 http://Link-page-3

… could become this:

Index Page name Link
1 My page 3 http://Link-page-1
2 The page 1 http://Link-page-2
3 This page 2 http://Link-page-3

String manipulation

The cell formula below uses the following string manipulation and other functions:

  • IF
  • LEFT (substring from left end of string)
  • RIGHT (substring from right end of string)
  • FIND (find index of substring)
  • LEN (length)
=IF(E2="Yes","",CONCATENATE(IF(B2="wiki","wiki-folder ","tech-folder "),LEFT(C2,LEN(C2)-FIND("/",REVERSE(C2)))," ",RIGHT(C2,FIND("/",REVERSE(C2))-1)," ",D2))


With this table info…

index wiki Folder Path Folder Title Folder Exists?
66 wiki coding/infra/testing Testing No

…you would get this output: wf coding/infra testing Testing

More info here.

Time formatting

  • To get times that are summed to be potentially more than 24 hours:
  • Format => Number => Custom date and time => click the dropdown and select elapsed hours, then type a colon, then select minutes from the dropdown.
    • If you google it, it will tell you to type “[hh]:mm” into the field, but I couldn’t get this to work. I had to select from the dropdown instead, and then when I viewed it in the Format menu it would say “[hh]:mm” even though it wouldn’t let me enter that manually
  • !! Sometimes it doesn’t work when you are using the SUM formula. I discovered that if I’d added a SUM formula to a column that didn’t have the correct formatting, then I fixed the formatting, the value would still refuse to over 24:00. The solution seemed to be to delete the SUM formula and then manually re-insert it. Then finally I could get a value over 24:00.
  • To convert times into a decimal num of hours and/or minutes, you can use the HOUR and MINUTE functions (eg HOUR(C3))
    • BUT these do not work on times that have more than 24 hours, because the number of hours returned is always between 0 and 23.
    • To get more than 24 hours you need to use the CONVERT function, AND make sure the formatting of your cell is Format => Number => Number
    • Like this: CONVERT(A3, "day", "hr")
      • The time in Sheets is technically a day unit, where 24 hours make up a full day.
      • This will give you a decimal value, eg 3.4 hours - so no need to get minutes as well.
      • ! Watch out the target cell is formatted as a number! Otherwise you won’t get the right result.

Conditional formatting

  • If you want a column of data to change colour based on another column
    • so for instance,
      • cell H4 only goes green if C4 is populated
      • cell H5 only goes green if C5 is populated
      • etc
    • Highlight the range of cells or column
    • Format => Conditional formatting
    • Over on right hand side:
      • Select Custom from the drop-down “Format cells if…”
      • Enter the formula as it would apply to the top row in the range - eg =C4>0
      • Click Done
      • It will automatically adjust the formula to apply correctly to each individual row
    • If it gets out of sync after you’ve copy/pasted or cut data from one place to another:
      • Delete the custom formula and do it again