• To sort by single column:
    • Select the column
    • Select Data => Sort sheet by column
  • To sort by multiple columns:
    • Select ALL columns unless you want only some columns to be sorted (see explanation below)
    • Select Data => Sort the range
    • You can now select the cols you want to sort by and the order you want them sorted in
  • Why you select all columns:
    • If you don’t, only the cols you select will be sorted, and the others will remain unsorted
    • So for instance if you only selected and sorted on the second (“Page name”) column, this:
Index Page name Link
1 The page 1 http://Link-page-1
2 This page 2 http://Link-page-2
3 My page 3 http://Link-page-3

… could become this:

Index Page name Link
1 My page 3 http://Link-page-1
2 The page 1 http://Link-page-2
3 This page 2 http://Link-page-3

String manipulation

The cell formula below uses the following string manipulation and other functions:

  • IF
  • LEFT (substring from left end of string)
  • RIGHT (substring from right end of string)
  • FIND (find index of substring)
  • LEN (length)
=IF(E2="Yes","",CONCATENATE(IF(B2="wiki","wiki-folder ","tech-folder "),LEFT(C2,LEN(C2)-FIND("/",REVERSE(C2)))," ",RIGHT(C2,FIND("/",REVERSE(C2))-1)," ",D2))


With this table info…

index wiki Folder Path Folder Title Folder Exists?
66 wiki coding/infra/testing Testing No

…you would get this output: wf coding/infra testing Testing

More info here.