The Tech Lead's New Project Checklist

The original list is here. I'm starting to add to it. For now there are just the Building New Relationships and Potential Pitfalls sections below.

Building new relationships

Be explicit about the following:

  • Bringing your whole self to work
  • "No blame" and psychological safety
  • The value of the workshop
  • There will be tension and conflict. For instance, the roles of Tech Lead and Product Owner sometimes have different priorities and not only should you be braced for conflict, if there is no conflict then you're doing something wrong. It's an important part of the push and pull of product development and it's nothing to be afraid of.
  • I, and the devs on my team, need time to think. That needs to be built in - we need to be wary of the tyranny of deadlines making devs fearful to put that time aside. Go slow to go fast.
  • The client/consultant commercial relationship (if it's there), and the impact it can have. For instance, in a non-consultant scenario, each member of the team will work most effectively if they can bring their whole self to work and assume that mistakes and fallibility are ok. But in a commercial relationship there can be a tendency on both sides to think that the consultant should be infallible and there should be consequences if they're not. The problem with this is that it lowers psychological safety, lowers effectiveness and brings about worse results for both client and consultant. So you have to get it out there in the open and talk about it upfront.

Potential Pitfalls

Remember to find out what outputs or outcomes you are being measured by. It doesn't matter how well you think you are doing if you're being measured by something you either didn't know about or don't agree with.