Simple icebreakers

  • stand back to back, one describes a picture, the other draws it.
  • Draw a picture of your worst fear.
  • Human rock paper scissors:
    1. Whole group agrees on physicla poses to represent rock, paper and scissors
    2. Split into two teams
    3. Each team has 30 secs to agree whether they're going for rock paper or scissors
    4. Facilitator shouts "GO"
    5. Play for the best of 3 or 5 to see which team wins
    6. More info here
  • Write down something nobody knows about you, then we have to guess which one is who.
  • "1,2 ... 3,1" (see below)

rock paper scissors championship

  • Works best with large groups
  • Everybody in the room finds a pair and plays three rounds of Rock Paper Scissors
    • Give rules! Otherwise some people do one, two, play and some do one, two, three, play
  • The winner finds another winner to compete against. The loser becomes their cheerleader and has to follow them round chanting their name
  • The number of players becomes smaller and each player gets a larger and larger group of cheerleaders until there are only two players left, and one of them wins!
  • We played this at the thoughtworks Away Day in Birmingham, and at the Agile Leadership meetup at Made Tech in London 13/1/20 - I won!

"1,2 ... 3,1"

  • Everybody stand up.
  • When the leader says "One," everyone else must say "Two."
  • When the leader says "Two," everyone else must say "Three."
  • When the leader says "Three," everyone else must say "One."
  • Start by practising that, then when they've got the hang of it, tell them that every time THEY say "One," they must clap (it's harder than it sounds).
  • That's it!